What’s New?

What an exciting 2022, for our work at LASOS!  We currently serve 19,001 members in the Susquehanna Region. Everything from youth mentoring to adult literacy. And boy does every day vary.  We have been blessed with some great new partnerships that are propelling our members like never before!

Engage is a new and enhanced version of our program Aspire. With the partnership of the Susquehanna Workforce Network we are able to assist youth from ages 18-24 to complete high school, work an internship and complete a certificate program, and be eligible to be hired for full-time work. This is a fantastic process to support youth as they prepare to be successful in the workforce.

Summer Program was a huge success due to our partnership with the local school system and Calvary Baptist Church. The program served 189 youth for the month of July who were lucky to have trips to local recreational sites while learning math, science, social studies, and reading. Children from ages 4 to 18 attended from all over the county.

LASOS continues to offer youth mentoring programs throughout the county as well as adult literacy programs in technology, financial literacy, English as a Second language, and Citizenship.

The center is able to support residents who are sick from Covid or isolating due to Covid with health packs and support while recovering through a grant from MHDH.

We are gearing up for the end-of-year fundraising events and love how the members we serve and those who support our mission all come together for a great cause.

Come in for a tour or to see how you can help today!