We believe that volunteers are a key part of our organization. We count on volunteers as translators, teaching assistants, mentors, office support, and instructors. Without you, our organization would not be able to meet its mission.

Office Support: Answer the phone, take messages, tend to members who come for support services, create memberships, register members for classes, and make calls to network providers on behalf of members to support their needs.

Teacher Assistant: Assist with the ESOL classes or child development while their parents are in class. In the classroom, you may help by answering students’ questions, handing out papers, participating in role-playing. In child development, you will interact with the children and engage them to learn and play through the Ready At Five VIOLETS Program (Vocabulary Improvement and Oral Language Enrichment Through Stories). During the mentoring program, you may assist with school work, play board and card games, or engage in English conversation with members.

Translator: Conduct direct translations. We do not offer advice.

Instructor: Design and lead an English Class. Prepare and teach the conversational English classes, host seminars in English, and/or engage members to speak English. Provide support when needed.

Mentor for adult: Provide one-on-one or small group tutoring in preparation for GED, ESOL, or Citizenship assessment.

Mentor for youth: Provide one-on-one tutoring or internship opportunities to improve academic, social, or occupational skills.

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