Family Literacy

Since 2010, LASOS (Linking All So Others Succeed) has been providing family literacy classes to support non-English-speaking parents and their children, ensuring that their children are healthy and entering school ready to learn.

The Parent-Child “Building Blocks” Education Program is a three month span of weekly classes for parents and their children ages six months to five years. The general topic areas include:

  1. Overview of Parenting
  2. Physical Needs of the Young Child
  3. Childhood Illnesses
  4. Understanding Children’s Behavior
  5. Cognitive and Language Development
  6. Emotional Needs of Children
  7. Social Needs of Children
  8. Self-Awareness and Goal Setting
  9. Nutrition and the Young Child
  10. Prenatal and Infant Needs

All sessions are set in the context of story time and hands-on play.

The sessions are modeled for the parents so that at home they can be the child’s first teacher.

Classes are held in Aberdeen, Bel Air and Edgewood

  • Ages: 6 months – 18 months
  • Ages: 18 months – 3 years
  • Ages: 3 years — 5 years