Adult Literacy

Literacy programs at LASOS are work and life skills based. Students are provided the opportunities to increase their abilities so that they may have the skills needed to obtain better economic stability for their families.

  • MATH LITERACY – This is a class that focuses on basic math skills for life.
  • READING LITERACY – This is a class that focuses on reading skills in a student’s native language and in English. This program helps with the development of basic reading skills.
  • TECHNOLOGY LITERACY – This is a class that focuses on basic computers and internet skills. The program familiarizes students with basic use and safety. Advanced English classes focus on civics for students preparing for the citizenship process.
  • FINANCIAL LITERACY – The financial seminars range from basic check writing to saving for college. The sessions are developed to be hands-on and interactive. These are offered as 6-week seminars.

    Also through a partnership with local organizations, LASOS offers a college financial literacy night to familiarize parents with the FAFSA, college loans, grants, and scholarships.

  • CITIZENSHIP – New American – This course supports students throughout the citizenship and naturalization process. LASOS offers application assistance and classes focused on the interview and the content examination. Students practice the skills necessary in order to pass all of the requirements in order to obtain naturalization.

    Programs are available to help the members pay for the citizenship application fee for USCIS with a partnership through CASA de Maryland and the Maryland State Governors’ New American Initiative.

English as a Second Language Courses:
This course supports a member’s acquisition of language through practical real-life skills and work skill-based instruction. Students are asked to register for the classes and take a CASAS placement test.

Classes are from September to December and January to June. The LASOS English programs are based on life and work skills.

Beginning Language Skills
This course helps students become somewhat effective in conversation, using basic language and listening skills. Students with limited exposure to native-spoken English will develop confidence in their listening and speaking skills through extensive practice. Skills will be taught in a relaxed atmosphere that will activate learning.

Intermediate Language Skills
This course helps students become more effective in conversation, using functional language, and improving listening skills. Exercises and drills will target grammar trouble spots in speaking and writing and common pronunciation errors. Students will also learn phrasal verbs and develop more sophisticated vocabulary.

Advanced Language Skills
Students develop and perfect language skills for teamwork, discussions, debates, civic discussions, and other verbal interactions needed to be successful in interviews, leading discussions, and giving class presentations. Guided exercises aid students in improving listening and reading skills.

LASOS offers Child Development activities for the children of parents in the ESOL class. The sessions focus on literacy and social skills.

The Getting Ahead Program

The Getting Ahead Program is offered to disconnected/at-risk youth between the ages of 16-24. The purpose of the weekly meetings is to help youth set goals and teach them organizational techniques which will assist them in improving their quality of life. Referrals can be made by contacting our office with the name of the person being referred and his or her contact information.

The Engage Program  

The Engage Program is designed to meet the growing need of “vision” for at-risk youth and young adults within Harford County. We strive to offer a clear, attainable pathway to help change the life trajectory of at-risk youth. Our program focus is aimed at those individuals who struggle with traditional schooling, and therefore lack the education to then go on and become self-sufficient adults. We engage the client by offering an alternative high school educational experience and internship placement as well as certification and training. Referrals can be made by contacting our office via phone or email with the name and contact information of the person being referred.

** This program was formerly called Aspire